PART 4) Ground Rules and Accountability
This is the real meat of the Team Charter - a clear list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. These ground rules represent your common expectations of how people will interact on the team and must be clear, simple, and relevant. While it can be easy to develop an extensive list of expectations, you should identify no more than 3-5 as priority ground rules. Again, keep it simple and be sure that your ground rules address issues that came up in previous discussions. Also be sure to discuss what happens if these ground rules are not adhered to.

- One thing that I expect from everyone on my team.
- Regardless of the situation, we need to always...
- It is unacceptable for someone on this team to...
- What happens if...
- How do we handle violations in “the grey zone?”

- Are these ground rules clear?
- Do these address the obstacles we discussed?
- Do these address the things that annoy us about others on teams?
- Has everyone on the team endorsed these?
- Are our top priority items clear, straightforward, and relevant?
- Bottom line - if we do these, will we get the environment we want?

- Attendance
- Preparation
- Information sharing/communication
- Decision making/problem solving
- Conflict management